Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nakijin Castle and Cherry Blossoms Part II

This past weekend, we drove north again to view cherry blossoms, this time to Nakijin Castle in Nago. The castle is a World Heritage Site believed to be have been built in the 13th century. Not much of the castle remains except for a main gate, stone walls, partitions, and steps. The castle is perched atop a mountain and overlooks the sea like so many historical sights here. 

On the drive up there, we saw cherry blossom trees blooming all over the place (in people's yards, along the side of the road, and on the mountainside) and they're gorgeous. Some of the blossoms are pale pink.

While others are bright pink

The views at this castle were especially stunning-- pink flowers against blue sky and crystalline ocean.

We even got to try samples of cherry blossom tea. Strangest taste ever! I imagined it to be like rose water-- slightly flowery and sweet. Despite the pretty presentation, instead, it was like drinking salty sea water.   

We also picked up a can of Orion beer. Funny that even the local beer company gets in on the cherry blossom hysteria this time of year...

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