Monday, April 27, 2009

Best Okinawan Burger: Part II

Dear MOS Burger, I love you!

For our next hamburger review, we went to MOS Burger, a local fast-food burger joint. 
We ordered the original MOS burger with special sauce, cheese, and jalapenos. Savory and spicy and awesome. Come on, just look at it!

We also tried Teriyaki burger, also wonderful

and finally, the BBQ beef burger piping hot in a rice bun. I think they deserve extra points for ingenuity...

This was one of those meals in which Sean and I did very little talking. I know this might be premature. I mean, we've only done two reviews so far, right? But based on cost and taste, MOS could the running to be the "best". More field research is needed obviously, and maybe even a follow-up to be sure.   


Jessica Simmons said...

You should try "Freshness Burger" in American Village, I think it just opened recently. YUM!

Mary and Sean said...

Thank you Jessica! Funny, that is next on our list...

Charity said...

And Gordy's!


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