Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun at Rizzan Sea Park Resort

Saturday, we drove north to Onna Village and stayed in a swanky high rise tourist resort. 

Who doesn't love jumping on hotel beds?

In addition to practicing the sports feature on the camera, Mary visited the Japanese onsen style public bath in the hotel. Due to nudity, she was unable to document that whole experience which included a dozen naked Japanese women and a few little boys, but to give you an idea, it was a lot like this:

After awhile, we took a short drive into town and found this Shiisa pottery workshop and coffee house. 

The rest of the afternoon included walking on the beach and practicing the sports feature some more on the camera.

After dinner at a Korean BBQ house (which gets a whole separate special blog entry of its own) we watched some Okinawan traditional dancing at the hotel. Strangely, we can sort of recognize some of the songs and dances now.

Then we headed to the bar to have a special appetizer and some drinks...

P.S., we didn't really order the Pig's ear jerky.

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