Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hunt for the Best Okinawan Burger: Installment I

We had a rare very eventful weekend here including a Dining Out with Sean's work, a spontaneous two person dance-athon Saturday night in our living room, a visit to an agricultural fair where we sampled local sugarcane candy, and a meal at one of our favorite places here called Jet City Burger.

 The restaurant is basically a shack that sits right on the beach. They have huge sloppy burgers just like we love them with all kinds of interesting toppings. We decided to have a contest among our favorite burger places to choose the best one. (yes, we are starting to get island fever-- as if the dance-athon didn't already give it away) 

First up was Sean's "Texas Extra" burger which included 2 pieces of beef, ham, a fried egg (which he elected to omit from the order), cheese, lettuce, and a curry sauce. His verdict was "Outstanding- the saltiness of the ham, the spiciness of the curry ketchup, and the meat and cheese complimented each other very well."  Jet City gets his vote. 

Next up was mine-- the "Avocado Chili" burger with both guacamole AND fresh avocado, cheese, and a spicy Tapatio-like hot sauce. I know my mom would love this one. 

As for me, while I appreciated the double avocado action and the hot sauce, I'm not sure yet that I'd call this burger my favorite on island.  I was also really hormonal this day, so my judgement may have been impaired. 

What I do love, however, is the ambiance in this place. It's so relaxed and check out the gorgeous view of palm trees swaying in the breeze.

If you live in Oki and haven't tried this place, go there now. Oh, but watch out for the fried eggs -- there's a random egg  on everything here.

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Kelly said...

If nothing else you have to head down there for lunch and beer just to remember that you are, in fact, on a tropical island. YES, it can be feverish - but remember also, we could be living in the desert.

Love your posts Mary!


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