Friday, September 18, 2009

Reverse Culture Shock

We're back in Okinawa after several weeks of being in the States to attend my father-in-law's funeral, settle the estate, and visit with family. What a trip! It was intense to say the least...I can't believe my husband and his brother managed to accomplish everything in such a short amount of time. I really believe a divine hand was guiding all of it...

In any case, despite the circumstances, it was nice to be in the States, especially in Texas, where everything is distinctive and big! You know how when you live somewhere, you tend not to notice the interesting details anymore? After living in Okinawa for a year, some things about Texas out and out shocked us.

1. Portions beyond decency and common sense.
These enchiladas laden with jalapenos were heavenly, by the way.

2. Christian BillBoards
It's been a while since we've seen anything like this... Christianity is a relatively new concept in Japan, so obviously, it's unusual to see specific religious views expressed openly and so boldly. It's even more uncommon in Japan to read direct messages to people from God on the highway.

3. Animals as Interior Design

4. Cowboy Hats
I learned that there are very specific rules for wearing certain hats certain times of year...sort of like rules about wearing white after Labor Day. By the way, I'm doing the Lasso dance, popular among grade school girls growing up in the 80s... Come on, you know exactly which one I'm talking about!

5. Guns and Gun Toy Stores. Yes, this is a toy store in a mall...

Even with all the reverse cultural "surprises", it was nice to be home again, if only for a short time.

Stay tuned for more Texas adventures!

Some interesting stories to come including a roundup of all our good Texas eatin', a fascinating undercover story about what 40 year old married men do on a weekend away from their wives, and our visit to a special community fair that featured chihuahuas, fried pickles, and tornado taters...


K and S said...

portions are something I quickly get introduced to when I return home for a visit! glad to hear everything went smoothly, hope sean and his family are doing well.

The pale observer said...

Hi Mary - all that food! It's true Texas serves obnoxious portions.

Must be a real culture shock to go from Japan to Texas!!!

Glad to have found your blog! :)

Mary and Sean said...

Kat and Satoshi,

I'm sure Hawaii portions are similar to Texas ones... at least Hawaiians eat vegetables though!

Mary and Sean said...

Pale observer,
I know, it's food insanity, isn't it? oh well, sometimes in life we have to indulge...

The pale observer said...

I can relate to occasional indulgence!! Those food photos were great by the way!!!

Abi King said...

I really want to visit Texas someday - every time I read something like this it just makes me more curious.

Welcome back - sorry for the circumstances around your return home.


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