Monday, September 21, 2009

Where are all the Kolaches?

While we were in Texas, we were lucky to hear about a kolache festival going on in a nearby town.

Never heard of a kolache before?

A creation from the Czech Republic, kolaches are kind of like a buttery danish or sweet bun with fruit or cream cheese embellishments; some of them even have sausage, cheese, and (gasp) jalapenos. I'm fairly confident the addition of jalapenos as a filling was dreamed up by a Texan visionary.

In any case, they are TASTY and since both of us spent some time in the Czech Republic in our past, we wanted to relive them. So off we set for the festival.

On the drive up there, I was reminded of a quest years ago in which I attended the Poteet Strawberry Festival near San Antonio. The Poteet festival was quite a local event, so popular in fact that we sat for hours in traffic, faced all perils to get there- one unfortunate individual was even killed on the highway, and found to our dismay upon arrival that there was not a single strawberry in sight. Nope not one. Turkey legs and sausage tortillas and beer, yes. Strawberries, no. Who am I to question why?

So I couldn't help but wonder if the kolache festival would turn out to be the same... in fairness we were warned that the kolaches run out fast. By 9:00 am even. 9:00 am!

So in true Texas spirit, this is what we found at the kolache festival:

Finally after wandering the maze of carnival food, we stumbled on this

and this

and this

and this

Almost takes me all the way back to the Charles Bridge, listening to Dvorak, and reading Kafka...


Carrie Stuart said...

Well, I'm glad you found your Kolaches! We went to the Tomato Festival in Niland, CA a couple of years ago. There was not a tomato to be found. Not one. The scariest looking flea market I've ever seen, though. Still shaking my head on that one.

Chris and Amy said...

Those look heavenly.

Mary and Sean said...

What is it about local festivals not actually featuring what they claim to be celebrating? well, at least I'm not the only one...

Mary and Sean said...

Chris and Amy,
They were certainly good! My favorite was the cream cheese kolache with the sausage and jalapeno a close second.

mathewvlasak said...

I feel like a whole new world has opened for me...Kolaches! I'm 100% Czech on my Father's side and I've never had one, definitely something to check out. I guess my Great Granparents Yaroslav and Anna were too busy making dumplings and sauerkraut..

Mary and Sean said...

You must go and find those kolaches as soon as possible. I'm sure there's a bakery where you are that sells them!

I have to find those Czech dumplings in the states though


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