Monday, March 1, 2010

Flatulent Stuffed Animals in Ocean Beach

Tonight, my husband and I just listened to the most interesting radio program about the psychology of winning a silver medal instead of gold at the Olympics.

Basically, researchers found that many runner-ups suffer a huge disappointment (more so than bronze winners even) and for the rest of their lives feel intense regret about being second best.

Well on that note, I just received some news that I was selected as a runner up in a writing contest I entered. Actually, I'm not even certain I placed second; I think I may even be third.

But details aside, I don't feel too disappointed yet. There's always a chance of a delayed reaction later tonight.

My story is about being an expatriate living in Okinawa. It will published and ready for viewing in April.

But until then, I remembered another story I wrote and placed as runner-up a few years back. (Uh oh, I guess I really am always first place among the losers)

This story was about living in Ocean Beach, San Diego. If any of you are familiar with this little community, you know it's a funky place.

Here is a link to that article "Flatulent Stuffed Animals in Ocean Beach" for you to enjoy. By the way, whoever formatted my story did a dreadful job- there's lots of typos and weird spacing. I really do know the difference between "the" and "die," I promise.


The pale observer said...

Love that cow!!!

Fly Girl said...

That's a cute story. The bitter sweetness seeps through ti.

Peter and Stephanie said...

my stuffed animals fart all of the time...your time in o.b. sounds awesome....i bet it feels like an entirely different life now.

Mary and Sean said...

The cow is actually a bear disguised as a cow. funny, huh?

Mika said...

Hey! It's milky bear! I wondered when we would see him in all of your travels...

shopgirl said...

Hey Mary, that's brilliant! I think it's great that people just go out there and do it. I'm not the competitive type but I believe that nothing can be accomplished if we don't try. Treat yourself to a yummy chocolate dessert! You deserve it!

I just read your story about O.B. I like the ending a lot. It's something that I can see happening to myself.

When you guys are ever in my neighbourhood, I can tell you about my experience with an old, street man in Korea when I was 14 years old.

Hope you're having a great week!



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