Friday, March 26, 2010

I Dream of Dessert

Literally. I have been dreaming about dessert.

For the past few weeks, I've been waking in the mornings from the most wonderful dreams. Dreams in which I am dunking fresh donuts in hot chocolate syrup, loading up a plate at a dessert buffet, or licking the frosting off a lemon cupcake.

What's up with all this subconscious sweets consumption?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. But do any dream analysts out there happen to know what they mean? Wait, take that back. I don't want to know.

In any case, in honor of my dreamland subconscious, here's a photo montage of all my favorite confections over the last year. And you thought Japanese desserts were all about azuki beans and seaweed...

Mixed nut tart with rasberry jam

Peanut Tofu

Mixed berry Mochi Donut

Beni-imo Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Caramel Hazelnut Tarte with Crunch Bar Ice Cream

Sweet Buns dipped in Sweetened Condensed Milk

Mini Citrus Cheesecakes

Custard Toast

As for the last treat, you might think that a piece of white toast topped with custard and ice cream would be blah, but it was heavenly.

Next week, expect posts about a different kind of fluffy pink frosting kind of experience. With a few thousand of my closest Japanese friends, I'm invading Kyoto for cherry blossom season.


Miss Footloose said...


I checked out my 10,000 DREAMS INTERPRETED by Gustavus Hindman Miller:

"To dream of sweet cakes, is gain for the laboring and a favorable opportunity for the enterprising. Those in love will prosper."

So there you have it!

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

1. Best blog EVER
2. According to The Dream Encyclopedia (James R Lewis 1995), "Desserts can represent enjoying the good things in life, indulgence, over-indulgence, celebration, reward, and temptation...often indicate the final stage or the completion of a project."

shopgirl said...

The mini-citrus cheesecakes and the toast thing looks absolutely delicious!

My mouth is watering right now.

Eve said...

I have such a sweet tooth, those desserts look amazing! I tried the purple yam ice cream this weekend, yum! I'm so jealous you get to go up to Kyoto for the Cherry Blossoms, enjoy!!

Stacie said...

Shayne and over indulged tonight at a place called Sweet Life in Eugene, I have the equivalent of a 'sweet roll' around my middle...gads!!! Love the direction your photography is going in, btw! I now have a self hosted site...looking forward to blogging regularly again...Shayne got accepted in grad school so we may be stable for 2 years....take care!

shopgirl said...

I would love to have your dreams Mary. It would be heaven. My dreams are quite dark dealing with bombs, explosions, espionage, etc. My husband thinks I watch too many movies like that and it affects my subconscious. :-)))

I hope you're having a great week!

v-jenna said...

i am officially sold on japanese desserts, they all look delectable.

i recently dreamt i was eating crepes. the best ones i have ever eaten actually, so i am definitely a fan of dessert dreams, and your blog!

About NOXP said...

The sweet buns with condensed milk looks so yummy! I recently have fallen in love with this condensed milk toast that they serve at a little Asian dessert shop near Clement and 19th in San Francisco...I had no idea condensed milk was so amazing.


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