Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's your fantasy trip?

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about home and missing it.

I grew up in the deep South (Alabama to be exact), and after graduating from college, I could hardly wait to get out and explore the world.

And explore I did.

I made a vow at some point that I would take any travel opportunity that came my way even if it was the strangest most remote place. Well, it's now been over 16 years since I left the heart of Dixie to live elsewhere in the States and overseas.

But the other day I picked up a Budget traveler magazine and they had a spread about Nashville. It got me thinking about how alluring the South is to me now after all these years as a travel destination.

So, suddenly I had a new fantasy trip.

It will take a bit of research and planning as it involves multiple stops. It also won't realistically happen until at least late 2011, and who knows? By then, there might be another member of the family. There are logistics to work out. But anyway, here goes:

I want to do a 2 week road trip through the Deep South (Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Georgia) to visit hole-in-the-wall Blues and Country Music Venues. I want to meet no name musicians who love their craft, eat biscuits and gravy, and stay in offbeat motor lodges.

It's funny how a travel inspiration can hit from nowhere.

What's your fantasy trip these days? Do you have more than one?


Fly Girl said...

Cool trip idea, Mary. The South can be extremely interesting for travel because there really are distinct cultures in the region. I just turned down a trip to Nashville but will be going to Chattanooga this summer instead. My dad is from Mississippi, they have just finished the Blues Trail, which I highly recommend that you check out if you can. It follows the path of the blues from the Delta, through Memphis and up into Chicago. Because I take press trips, I don't actually plan a lot of my travel aside from the itinerary, I'm interested in going everywhere. If I were putting together a fantasy trip,I'd probably do the Meditteranean, from Spain and Portugal to Italy and Greece.

Ashley said...

I'm from Alabama too!! I lived there until I got married 3 years ago! I miss the south for sure.

And I'm not sure what my fantasy trip would be. I'd like to travel through Europe. I've been to Germany, but that's it.

Mary and Sean said...

Fly Girl,
Thanks for the tip about the Blues Trail! I will research that

Mary and Sean said...

Cool! Where are you from? I'm from Huntsville up north...

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Love that idea! My husband is from Mississippi, so we've done some short visits, but I like yours better, especially because it involves food.

Hands down, my current fantasy trip is the Antarctica Marathon via Russian research vessel. Polar bears, penguins, ice, Russians. Alas, it involves a 3-year wait list, so will have to wait for a time when we know what we're doing from year to year :)

emilia. said...

I am actually on vacay in Florida. I love it here. :) Your blog is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Howdy! Nashville!!! The city in which I spent the largest proportion of my life!

I've been to Alabama (Huntsville only) and Georgia (love it!)

I have many fantasy trips...every time I visit this blog I am inspired to travel. Time to shop for travel deals :-)

Ekua said...

There may not be enough hours in the day to tell you about the trips I want to take ;) Even though I am not abroad like you, lately I have a very strong desire to explore CA more, especially some remote out of the way places. I want to make it happen this summer. India is also a dream and great opportunity to go there came up, so I am trying to make that happen this fall.

Jason and Amy said...

Girl, you know I've been missing home. And your post makes me want to be back in the Peach State worse than ever. Mary Mac's Tea Room is in my stompin grounds! I'd LOVE to get a glass of sweet tea with you in Mary Mac's. Too bad it's a little farther away than we normal venture for coffee. Speaking of which, we need a coffee date soon!


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