Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Best Restaurant in the World

Here's a question, and you have to answer honestly.

Look at the sign below. How can you not be curious about THE BEST ALL GUESTS RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD?
What with rainbows, four leaf clovers, and that enticing white duck (thingy), this place is just begging for investigation, right?
So last Saturday night, we found ourselves at the door...

Walking in, we discovered a Bali/Thailand jungle interior. Our waiter gave us a tour of both floors. The restaurant had a series of large round pods to sit in, traditonal tatami style seating, and tiny little intimate booths.
In our case, we were placed inside this tiny little booth seating two people. Our table was so small, it couldn't really handle more than 2 drinks and 2 plates at a time. Don't you love the red silk curtains to shield yourself away from the world...
We ordered a prosciutto salad, California roll, and Okinawan spicy minced pork noodle dish. Everything was tasty, though I wouldn't go so far as say it was the best we've had in our lifetimes.
The interesting cultural discovery of the night, however, were Okinawan turmeric tablets.

Ever heard of them?

For a long time, I've been familiar with the yellow spice, found in many savory Indian dishes. But it just so turns out that in Okinawa, beer and turmeric go hand in hand. (Another strange business combination here like zoo/cream puff bakery and coffee shop/fortune teller.)

Orion beer company, which is the local beer brewery here produces these tablets and sells them in bars and izakayas.

Bewildered by the yellow pills, we asked our waiter to explain.

"Turmeric is healthy for your stomach when you are drinking beer," he said.

But then he looked thoughtful, made a face, and grabbed his stomach.

"But probably it's better just not to drink so much."

Well said, my man!

The best thing about THE BEST RESTAURANT FOR ALL GUESTS IN THE WORLD was the price. Here's the breakdown:

Drinks: 2 mixed drinks, 1 large Orion beer
Food: salad, sushi, noodle dish
Total: 2,500 yen (about $26 US)

Directions for fellow Okis: This restaurant is on route 329 a few blocks away from the Botanical Gardens. It's next to a pharmacy across the street from Blue Rabbit.

Have you ever heard of pills, elixirs, or other remedies to aid beer consumption? Have you ever taken one? Okinawa can't be the only place in the world with this concept...


Ashley said...

Looks interesting. Maybe we'll try it out. Have you been to Anzuya? It has some interesting seating kinda like what you described. (not the whole resturant, but part of it) It's also on the 329.

Steve said...

I don't think I could pass a place like that by without wondering about it. How can you not like a name like that?

I've never heard of turmeric pills before. I took a B-vitamin pill once before a night of drinking since a friend of mine told me it helps with hangovers. It didn't work very well.

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

How interesting...Tumeric? Huh. I have heard it being a remedy for intestinal as well as joint issues because it's a natural anti-inflammatory.

Travelin'Fool said...

it looks as if that place has ALOT going on inside. and hopefully turmeric is the only thing inside those tablets ;)

Mary and Sean said...

We have seen Anzuya and we're planning on going there. Do you recommend it?

Carrie Stuart said...

I took the kids to Anzuya while Cliff was deployed. The atmosphere was fun and the food was good, but just like with this place, not life-changing. I'd recommend it for the experience. I'll have to try this one, too.

Travels With Uncle Sam said...

Wow! Eeek! The tiny spaces! Cool pics!

shopgirl said...

This place looks like a hoot and very reasonably priced too!

Fly Girl said...

These looks like so much fun to me. I love the curtains and small space. I have heard of tumeric tablets, I actually have some, but I don't drink them with beer. I use them as an ant-inflammatory and they work very well. I don't drink beer so I can't tell you how they work together but I'll ask my hubby.

aviva5271 said...

Taking tumeric when consuming ANY alcohol (not just beer) is said to help stop you from feeling hung over! (i've tried it, i can't say i've tested the theory - but after a lot of wine i wasn't hung over...but that & lots of water and some food is a good combo!)
Miss you, Mary! I want to attend one of your island adventures please!

Ashley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley said...

Sorry I just saw you commented me back. I forget to come back and look for a reply. Anzuya was really good. I have only been once for a going away dinner for someone. I need to figure out their hours though, I can't find anything online. But I know Wednesday nights are lady's nights and you get everything half off!!! (That's when we went) BUT you can ONLY have ladies. If you have a man with you no one gets the discount. So it'd be a good girls night out with friends. I'm going to have to just drive over there and see if their hours are on the door :)


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