Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday Night A La 1986

Oh how fast time passes us by...

It seems like just yesterday, I was hanging out with my friends at a mall in Huntsville, Alabama, wearing my favorite outfit discovered at Salvation Army- a gray suit vest and a flowered mod skirt from the 70s. We ate at the food court at the mall (probably Arby's with curly fries) and then went to see a movie like Pretty in Pink.

Well, last night I was transported back to former days.

Sean and I had a date we would have had in high school had we known each other back then.
We went to Burger King on the base for dinner and then to see Eclipse.

It occurred to me sitting in the dark that we could, given our ages, hypothetically be the parents of any of the teen fans inside the theater with us. What a strange thought... Are we really that old?


Peter and Stephanie said...

hahahaha you are only as old as you FEEL!

Arti said...

Agree with Peter and Stephanie..
Age is just a number!!

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Ha! Sounds like a great date :) My husband and I always make ourselves feel old when we see movies like that and then afterward stay stuff like, "I would NEVER let my 13 year old daughter see this movie!" :)


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