Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Love and Expat Marriage

Calling all other expats, check out my latest publication about being married, living abroad, and being a trailing spouse.

I'd love to hear your own experiences with adjusting to your new life overseas!


TW-US said...

I would add, learn the language, of course, as much as you can. Make friends with your language teacher and any maids or gardeners or babysitters that you hire.

Also, resist the urge to "go native" (going overboard). You must keep your own American identity in the midst of this, or you can end up with mental problems from trying to be somebody you are not. This can affect your marriage badly, and your spiritual health. Sometimes your spirituality can be ditched along with your American personality if you are trying to "go native", because our spirituality is tied up in who we are.

Enjoy the country and learn and experience as much as you can, even becoming bi-cultural, without forgetting who you are.

Mary and Sean said...


That's a great point about language! In fact, I thought about after I sent it in and it was too late to add.

I agree it's important to hold on to your national identity, too. We're all products of our own cultures, and in some ways we don't have to change to fit in.


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