Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Damn Fine Cup of Coffee

In addition to gritty downtowns, I love small towns- the kind with one main street and a Bingo night at the Nights of Columbus Hall.

During our trip to Snoqualmie Falls, we explored Twin Peaks Country. In the nearby town of North Bend, the first stop was lunch at the classic Twede's Cafe famous for coffee and cherry pie.
The interior was- shall we say- colorful? The entire ceiling was lined with Twede birds.
If I'm honest, the coffee was not all that damn fine, but the cherry pie sure was.

Afterwards, we explored main street looking for entertainment. Usually small towns have great nightlife- not in the way of cocktails or music, but the chance for anthropological observation.

We asked a few locals for ideas, but had no real luck. The senior citizen play had stopped running just the week before and there were no chili cook offs anywhere. Having found no attractive prospects, we browsed a gift shop.

Imagine our surprise when Elvis himself walked in. Seizing the moment, I asked him where we could watch him entertain.
"Come to my Chiropractic office. I have an opening at 3:00, " was his answer.

Tempting, but we decided against letting Elvis realign our spines. Instead, we spent the rest of the afternoon imagining what it would be like to jump from a train.

What's your favorite memory of a small town?


bingata744 said...

How fun was this? Maybe not exciting, but yet another experience. Another fun place we used to visit was Roslyn, WA where Northern Exposures was filmed -- as a standin town for Cicely, AK. Don't know what is there anymore.

Steve said...

One of my favorite memories of a small town was when I was in Clear Lake, IA. They have a Buddy Holly festival every year since it was the last place that he had a concert. It's right on the shore of a beautiful lake too.

Abi said...

That pie looks delicious...I can't find anything like it in Spain.


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