Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hi Friends!

Remember that experiment I created to do something new every single day?
Check out my latest publication on Matador Network- My Month of Living Adventurously

As soon as life settles down again, I'm embarking on a new month of challenges. Care to join in?


Chris and Amy said...

I could be interested, but sometimes lack the creativity you do for coming up with new things. :)

Carrie Stuart said...

I think it sounds like a great idea! Can't wait!

shopgirl said...

Hey Mary! I just read your article on Matador - really informative and entertaining. What a great idea! And I can't believe you tried so many things. Where do you find the time?

I love how you invited all your neighbours to a meet a greet party and that you confronted one. That would be a dream of mine....the people are not so easy fact, rather the contrary. I would love you to be my neighbour :-)).

Again, excellent article!

p.s. thanks for the comp on my drawing. I would love to post you an illustrative card of mine to just say thanks. Let me know and pop me an email at

Mary and Sean said...

Thanks Reese! I'll get in touch soon...


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