Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mt Rainier

There were no wildflowers. No towering mountain peaks. No reflections of glaciers on lakes. But it was still a great day on Mount Rainier.

Making the day trip from Seattle a few weeks back, we had high hopes of experiencing this majestic National Park. But let's face it. Despite best intentions, Mother Nature has ultimate control.

We had planned to make a circular trip, hitting top spots and hiking a few trails. Except the mountain witnessed an unusually long winter this year, rendering much of it too treacherous for visitors. Unfortunately, many passes were closed due to poor road and weather conditions.

But we adapted. We found ourselves at the Grove of the Patriarchs Trail and loved every minute of it.

We wanted towering snow-capped peaks. Instead we got birds flapping wings, fresh green scented air, lacy green moss, trees bending and croaking, rocks in streams, and animals tapping out sounds all around us.
The Grove of the Patriarchs is situated near the Ohanapecosh area of Mt. Rainier Park. Here we stood in awe of a family of 1,000 year old colossal trees including red cedar, Douglas Fir, and western hemlock. Some of trees have a circumference up to 30 feet.
I love seasons in transition.

Mt. Rainier Travel Tip: Sometimes your schedule puts you in the vicinity of a national park during an odd time of year. Rather than abandoning the trip altogether, research which spots should be open. Go with the best intentions, and if you encounter limitations, find pleasure in wherever you end up.

How are you enjoying nature wherever you are in the world?


Babs said...

Nature in the States is amazing! Everything is sooo big :) That park looks amazing... I must admit that though Amman has some trees here and there I do miss some big green trees in a forest and some green green fields... but hey I have sand here and rocky mountains! amazing nature as well.

Fly Girl said...

Mt. Rainier looks lovely and so do you in your pink parka! I'm enjoying the flowers blossoming in Chicago but I'm off to enjoy the beaches of Amelia Island for my nature appreciation.

Mary and Sean said...

It's true that there is great abundance of natural sights and parks in the States. I had that exact thought when we visited there.

Mary and Sean said...

Fly girl,
Thanks for the compliment about my pink marshmallow coat. it was a joke between my husband and I when I first bought it since i really wanted black. But that coat has saved my life in so many situations!

shopgirl said...

Great photos as usual Mary! I, especially, like the one at the bottom of the leaf and the raindrop.

This forest reminds me of some of the forests we have in B.C. They are magnificent, aren't they?

Did you see Avatar? They have amazing trees in this movie.


Ekua said...

It can be frustrating to hike in less than stellar weather conditions, but as much as I dislike cold and wet, it can be kind of nice- less crowds, you don't get as hot, and the lovely smells of a wet forest!

Mary and Sean said...

I do love the smell of piney fresh forest.


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