Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Perfect Day (Part 2) in ...

Call me strange, but I love gritty downtowns.

And Seattle's Pike Place area is just that. Everywhere you look are characters, both colorful and seedy. What's more, they are bold. Of late, there has been legislation tossed around aimed at curbing aggressive panhandler behavior towards tourists, who often feel harassed or intimidated.

In my case, the riff raff didn't phase me at all. I suppose I'll always just be an Ocean Beach, CA girl at heart.

One such homeless gentleman was even friendly. Observing me taking a picture of this alley, he politely asked to be in my photograph and then posed with his cigarette.

Some of the sights of the day included...
and this Great Wall of Gum, which is not only one of the most germ-laden places on the planet, but also a popular wedding photography spot.

Do couples really have this conversation? "Honey, instead of Mt Rainier or the Space Needle as our backdrop, let's pose in front of the gum wall."

I'm surprised these children were allowed such close proximity. Their mom did eventually shoo them away, but only after the little girl curiously picked at one of the globs.
Another fun phenomenon occurring in Seattle is this roving pulled pork lunch truck, Maximus Minimus. They have set locations some days, but other times locals never know where it will pop up. How cool is a trailer with sunglasses on it?

Finally, the city will soon no longer be home to the famous landmark Lusty Lady Show. After 27 years of entertaining verbiage on the pink marquee, the business is closing. Some of the famous puns have included "The Loin King" and "Happy Spanksgiving." Oh, how I wish I could read the marquees in Japan!
As you might imagine, we don't have sights like these in Okinawa.

Oh, wait a minute, we do. Gate 2 Street.

What's your favorite thing about downtowns?


Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Oh wow. That picture ended up being really perfect with him posing it it. Very striking. Look at his face, I mean...this is like the perfect photo for capturing Pike's Place. You should submit this to something...not sure what...just something :)

VagabondQuest said...

Gum wall! Man... totally missed out! I went to Seattle but it was only a day trip. I think it will be cool to take a picture there, just make sure my sneaky husband doesn't try to push me to the wall!

I enjoyed watching the fish throwing in the market. I wonder what happen if they missed and the fish hit a customer.

Mary and Sean said...

Thanks! I liked how it turned out too. Good vibes that day

Mary and Sean said...

Vagabond quest,
I was worried about falling into the wall myself. I got close and then there's this magnetic pull...

shopgirl said...

You're not strange Mary. Sometimes, gritty city scenes give a place character.

Did you get a chance to stop by Vancouver, Canada?

p.s. in response to your question, yes, I do make a list, a very long list. I think I'm on no. 38 of my list and I'm still adding to it. The unfortunate thing is that I'm going to have to pay for extra suitcases coming back. But, you'd be surprised how many things are not available here in Italy. All the Americans I know are always getting friends and family to bring back for them.

xo Be prepared!

Carrie Stuart said...

I SO get the grittiness...I'm right there with you. I rarely chew gum, but funny enough, I am at this moment...and I nearly swallowed it at the thought of that gum wall. I don't think I could get near it either.

Fly Girl said...

Very cool indeed. That photo is awesome with the guy and his cigarette. The gum wall looks really nasty to me but still intriguing. Don't know if I'm so into gritty but I do love eclectic downtowns with lots of character and not just name brand shops.

Eve said...

Gum wall, eww! But awesome pictures. You capture the character of the city so perfectly.


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