Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Eatfest Weekend

More gratuitous food shots of our favorite eats this past weekend...

Charlie's Tacos and Enchiladas

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies (yes, that is Sean as my hand model)
Nikumaki Onigiri, our new favorite snack on Okinawa
We discovered the pork onigiri randomly during the 10,000 Eisa Parade on Kokusai Street. It is a tender piece of seasoned pork wrapped around a ball of rice and topped with cheese and tabasco. Right before they hand it over, they blast the cheese with a blow torch so that it gets all melty. Apparently, this snack is the number one food of the Japanese Grand Prix, the owner told us... This tiny shop is on Kokusai street next to a Lawsons.

We aren't the only ones who love the nikumaki onigiri...
What about you? Eat anything good lately?


v-jenna said...

nikumaki onigiri looks delicious. cheesy, oily and i imagine an amazing comfort snack!

bingata744 said...

We will need to search this snack out when we return. It looks decadent -- YUM!!!


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