Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Exciting Update!

Lovely Readers,

It is with great excitement that I introduce World Curious Traveler, a new travel blog site I created.

Since I've been a military spouse living overseas, I've developed an interest in writing again, a former love I somehow abandoned in past years growing up. I've also decided to take the plunge and branch out as a freelance writer.

My new blog is somewhat of an online portfolio. It's devoted to travel writing, practical budget tips, general travel advice, and soon, travel photography. Stop by and drop me a line!

Mary and Sean's Adventures Abroad still continues as always, but its focus will be more personal, daily life, marriage, and those kinds of juicy topics.

I appreciate you visiting this site and sharing your experiences. It's my hope that I can create a similar community on World Curious Traveler.



Carrie Stuart said...

Mary, I am so excited about your new blog! As much as I love this one (and I will continue to follow it for the personal stories) your wonderful writing style is taken to a new level and is more focused. I love that the posts are concise, but that a lot of them have really useful tips that would make me feel like I have a bit of "inside info" when traveling to these places. Congratulations on a great new project!

shopgirl said...

That's awesome Mary! I love reading your travel posts too so I'm going to pop on over to see your new blog. I'm really happy for you. It's great seeing your talents evolve online.


Uncork and Unwined said...

Congrats on your new blog! You're such a talented writer, Im sure it will do well.

Travelin'Fool said...

very cool! thanks for sharing!

Fly Girl said...

Congrats Mary, a blog dedicated soley to travel will defintely inspire your writing.

Steve said...

Mary, congratulations on the new blog. It surprises me that you weren't writing for a while since you are so good at it. I'll have to check out that site now too.


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