Monday, August 23, 2010

How Not to Hike in Okinawa

We're under the 1 year mark of our time left on Okinawa, and we resolved to get the most out of our time on this tiny island as we can.

That's why we decided to go hiking over the weekend. Fresh air, ocean views, and jungle atmosphere. We randomly chose a trail without too much thinking (always a good idea), and set off.
Our intentions were in the right place, but we soon realized we were less than prepared for hiking in dense jungle. We were wearing flimsy shoes, the kind you might go rafting in. In my black cat coffee tumbler, we had about 3/4 cup of water. And somehow we forgot to take our cell phones.

We have inadequate water, footwear, and orientation, but look, I'm wearing my chandelier earrings!
Due to recent rains, the trail was really muddy, so there was a lot of squishing and sloshing around. I slipped a few times, but didn't fall in the mud. We also had to grab onto bamboo poles to hoist ourselves up over tricky areas.

The path was also quite overgrown and there were interesting things to look at like the purple UFO looking mushrooms growing on the sides of trees (no picture, sorry) and yellow and black striped spiders, butterflies, and praying mantis.

Also, we each separately contemplated the chance of seeing a habu snake too, local to this island and very poisonous. However, neither of us brought up the subject of snakes to the other, hoping to keep the outing calm and panic free.

There was a point that we thought about turning around, unsure if we were heading towards anything worthwhile.

But we finally came upon this lookout point.

... where we had to take a series of photos gazing out, being goofy, and pretending to jump...

Oh yes, bug bite counts. Me: I counted 35. Sean: none. What is up with that?

We chose the trail from a hiking list compiled by the Schilling Community Center. If you live in Okinawa, check out the list here.


Uncork and Unwined said...

That lookout point is gorgeous!

Every time we go anywhere with bugs, I get eaten alive and J never gets even one. So Im with you- what is up with that? Maybe we're just sweeter? =)

Chris and Amy said...

Hey! My women's trail group runs that trail. It's a beast when it's wet and slippery. :)

v-jenna said...

okinawa looks beautiful.

glad you didn't have to deal with a snake!

Vanesa said...

Great info about hiking places on the island. I did the river trekking in Higashi village a few weeks ago (Tadake falls) and I loved it. Northern part of the island looks like jungle, lot of bugs but really fun!

Eve said...

Looks like the view made the hike worth it. Thanks for the link to all the hikes!

shopgirl said...

Love the earrings Mary! You look very posh!


Uncork and Unwined said...

I just left a longwinded explanation of my meal planning on my blog in response to your question. Hope you don't fall asleep half way though reading it! =)


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