Monday, August 30, 2010

Only Boring People...

Over the weekend, we had a serious case of island fever.

Okinawa is so small that it's sometimes easy to feel that we've already exhausted all the possibilities.

Aquarium? Done.
Kokusai Street? Oh, so many times.
Zipline? Checked off.
Even lesser known excursions, we've done them all.

Whenever I start feeling antsy, I remember the saying, "Only boring people say they're bored."

It always whips me into shape.

We can't expect life to deliver new experiences; we have to create them.

So, Sean and I headed out on a little road trip to see what we could uncover ...

We went north and decided to finally drive across the bridge to Sesoko Island. We've been up here before and just never bothered. How many times have you passed a new path, wondered where it led, but never took it?
We found a lovely beach with beautiful water. Seriously, how can a person ever feel bored in a place like this?
Look at this water. I love seeing the gradient of colors...
I'm the kind of traveler who sees a long line of people waiting for something, and I step in line too just to see what the fuss is about. Driving around Sesoko, we noticed a congregation of cars and that was enough for us to park and walk. We followed the shaded path into the most peaceful garden cafe
Cafe Fuu was such a relaxing oasis. We ordered a watermelon shake, made with local fruit, and a caramel chiffon cake.
The cafe dog aptly named "Cheese" (for the delicious pizzas they serve), when he wasn't resting in the dog house, made his way from person to person lapping up attention.
Stayed tuned for part 2: Okinawan Rest Stops. If you thought some rest stops in the States were strange, check back to see the fun things you can buy at an Okinawan one.

Directions to Sesoko Island: Head north on the 58 or the expressway, and you'll see signs for Sesoko once you get to Nago. Follow the signs and drive across the bridge. The beach is to the right side just under the bridge. You'll have to drive straight and then follow the road around to the right to get to the beach. The island is tiny, so don't worry about getting lost. There is an admission charge. You will also see signs for Cafe Fuu once you drive onto Sesoko.


Anonymous said...

You two have the most interesting adventures. I enjoy reading about them. at the beginning of this post I thought, how in the world could she get bored in a place like that? Well I guess you discovered the answer to that lol.

Expats Again said...

Good adage about boredom, I will have to remember that one. I find that once off the beaten track, adventures seem to abound. What a lovely find.

shopgirl said...

That's definitely a cool way to find something new. I like finding new places to eat that are charming, unique and fun!

claire said...

what a great day! i like that you managed to find new amongst the old, but i like even more that you were determined to find the adventure!


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